Elder of Tribe

Elder of Tribe is an intensive training program to teach you the skills necessary to be able to teach applied and core shamanism to other people.  This program includes marketing and business coaching programs to help you in developing your own business as a shamanic practitioner and teacher. You must complete the Warrior of Light and Weavers of Web of Life training programs as the prerequisite for this program.  


What is Elder of Tribe?

The core intention of this training is to teach you the skills necessary and give you the confidence to teach applied and core shamanism skills to other people. This course is for people that want to create a business with their shaman healing skills, teach other people applied shamanism, love of helping people. We will offer to license our curriculum. We will teach you the marketing and sales skills necessary to grow your practice.  This program will be a combination of zoom and in-person training in Florida and Costa Rica. The program will take 12 to 18 months to complete depending on your schedule. This program is only available by invitation only.