We'd love to answer your all questions. Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are given blow. Hopefully all of your queries are answered here. However, if need to ask more then feel free to contact us.

1. Why is implementing an ID Trax™ identity resolution important to your business?

With ID Trax™ identity resolution services we are able to anonymously identify up to 90% of your website visitors and track their behaviors to find the people that want to buy what your business sells. We automatically create a unique single data silo of your website visitors to allow you to increase your conversions, reduce your ad spend by only using relevant data for your targeting of your website visitors, utilize up to 98% more of your ad spend, and extend your audience reach by up to 50% without increasing your ad spend. When you know who your website visitors are, you can speak to them on a personal level and increase your conversions.

2. Why is implementing an omni-channel marketing strategy with Smart Trax™ critical?

First of all, it’s important to understand that omni-channel and multichannel are two different approaches. Many companies use multiple channels for their marketing campaigns; they may have a website, a blog, and social media accounts. However, these channels are typically used separately and deprive consumers of a consistent, seamless user experience across each device, channel, and platform.

On the other hand, companies that apply an omni-channel approach try to create a unified user experience, because they understand that today’s consumers use a wide variety of channels to interact with businesses, and they often do so simultaneously. If these channels don’t work together, it’s not an omni-channel approach.

Today, customers tend to use several different channels and devices in a single purchase cycle. Omni-channel marketing provides users with a unified and integrated experience, regardless of the number and type of channels.

3. How Can An Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy With Smart Trax™ Help Companies Personalize Customers’ Experiences?

Today’s consumers spend more time researching the products and services they want to purchase. They compare prices on retailers’ websites and on their competitors’ websites, consider the opinions of other buyers, and make purchases both online and in the stores. All these changes have made an impact on customers’ experiences.

  • Interact with your clients via their preferred channel - To provide the best user experience, companies need to keep all their channels open for their clients. An omni-channel approach allows businesses to interact with their customers in the way they prefer and via the channel they prefer.
  • Approach your customers in a more personalized way - Marketers who understand how to leverage omni-channel marketing technology can make communications with their customers more personalized, fast, and flexible, changing their audience’s expectations. This helps brands create more engagement and build loyalty and trust with their clients.
  • Provide your customers with multiple paths to follow - By providing your audience with multiple routes to follow, you enable your clients to take the most comfortable path to you, creating a unique, satisfying customer experience. Having a well-planned omni-channel marketing strategy allows you to do this more effectively.

4. What is the best way to implement an omni-channel marketing with Smart Trax™ strategy?

Now that you know how an omni-channel marketing strategy can improve your customer experience, let’s see how you can use it in your business.

5. Do I need to change my marketing team to work with ID Trax™ and IntelliTrax™?

No, we will train your existing marketing team to use IdTrax™ and IntelliTrax™ in their marketing campaigns. They will need to follow our guidance in order for the guarantee to apply.

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