Shaman Healing Session

Ancient shamanic healing techniques have been passed down for thousands of years. Today, shamans continue to heal through shamanic methods and practices.  We specialize in helping people from healing from trauma and loss of a loved one.

How Shamanic Healing Works


When it comes to shamanic healing, the shaman essentially works in tandem with spirits, often called ‘helper spirits’, in the spiritual realms. They will ‘summon’ these spirits to repair a soul, who may then experience real, physical healing in the earth realm. In order to contact these spirits, the shaman will have to go on a journey by entering a trance state. The more practice and training a shaman has, the easier it will be for them to enter this powerful state.

The shaman might ask their helper spirits to invoke shamanic healing by pulling ‘power’ from the sufferer’s oversoul as well as retrieving lost spirit guides and animals.

People who have been through a life-altering trauma, whether mental or physical, may have lost a part of their soul or damaged their ‘spiritual force field’. This makes them vulnerable to illness, bad luck, and depression. These are the kinds of people who would most benefit from a shamanic healing session. A shaman will go into the spirit world and heal their soul, either through their own efforts or by talking to spirit guides/animals. They will go and recapture any missing soul parts they may have been lost during the trauma or stolen by the person causing the trauma.

Shamanic healing is one of the oldest healing and psychology systems on the planet and is practiced by cultures all over the world. Shamanic healing techniques are not related to any religious tradition, system of government or specific belief system, but are an adaptable set of practices that can be used and experienced by people in cultures all over the world.